The reason I created this site… not that you care but I’m going to indulge myself anyway, is to have a place where I can spend 10 minutes reading and have a loose grasp of a particular theory or concept, or little refreshers if you will. Especially when I was in grad school you have so many theories and concepts and models and ideas swirling around sometimes it gets a little hard to keep them straight. Hence, MassCommTheory.com. In the process I figured, what the hell – others should get some benefit as well, and hopefully enrich the community in the process.

That being said, I am ALWAYS open to guest posts (attributed of course) or rants on anything even mildly related to the topic. So… welcome! Here are the different areas of the site where you can grow you knowledge of mass communication theory and perhaps anecdotal wisdom of nothing in particular.

Blog & Articles: The main area of the site, I try to post a few times a month. This doesn’t always happen, for that I apologize.

Theory Overviews: pages containing an overview of a theory, I pull these all together myself so if you have something similar and want to send my way I’m happy to integrate it into an existing overview.

Me: I have an M.A. in Mass Communication from the University of South Florida (USF), this project is solely for my own amusement and based on the fact that I throughly enjoy this area of study.

*Disclaimer: All links to articles, sites, or other copyrighted materials are external links. This site does not host any articles or any copyrighted material that is not property of the author or used without proper attribution. All material is copyrighted by the author save the aforementioned exceptions.

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