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Schema Theory – for your reading pleasure!

Schema theory is now officially on MCT! In a hurry – read: Schema Theory – A Quick Background Have the time? Dig in to: The Schema Theory overview page Advertisements

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Systems Theory Page Launched!

New page on Systems Theory is now live! Systems theorists study the interaction of an input through a system to its output, anything influencing this that isn’t part of the system can either be termed “environment” or “noise” depending on … Continue reading

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Framing Theory Page has Launched!

The theory overview page for Framing theory is now live – please check it out!

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Theory Words & Definitions

There are a lot of terms that get thrown around in the academic lexicon, sometimes they align with those you’ll find in a dictionary, sometimes they don’t. So I thought I’d outline a good handful for you here that will … Continue reading

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Cultivation Theory Overview Page is up!

The cultivation theory overview page is up, this give a brief overview of what the theory posits and the associated ideas, up soon I’ll be adding theory criticisms as well. You can read all about cultivation theory here.

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Quiet Down, here’s Spiral of Silence

Originally proposed by German political scientist Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann in 1974, Spiral of silence is the term meant to refer to the tendence of people to remain silent when they feel that their views are in opposition to the majority view on … Continue reading

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Tests for a Theory

So how the hell do we know if the idea that just occurred to you over a frosty cold one at the bar is a theory? Simple. Ask someone smart. But on the off chance that I’m unavailable we can … Continue reading

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