Mass Comm Theory Resources Page Launched!

Hello fellow communicators! Just a quick note – I’ve launched a Resources page, see it in the nav above ↑ or click the link. Basically this is a list of various resources to help you research better, formulate better ideas, write better, and generally become a better seeker of knowledge.

On the resource page you’ll find:

  • Links to various books on Amazon that can seriously aid you in your work (full disclosure: I’m an amazon affiliate and if you click through and buy one I get about a nickel. Oh yeah!)
  • Article links – free places to download theory related articles (I don’t host these articles… don’t sue me.
  • eBooks covering all sorts of topics related to this blog (research, theory, etc.)
    • I’m currently writing an eBook titled “How to Write a Research Paper” it covers all of the research related content on the blog and has a ton more content that will only be available through the eBook. I’ll sell it for dirt cheap so everyone can afford a copy (I’m thinking about 2.99 right now just to cover my time). If you’d like to be notified when it comes out drop me an email and let me know at and you’ll get 1 email from me when the eBook is ready for download, that’s it. I won’t abuse the address. [UPDATE: It’s now available here.]

I’ll always be updating the page, so bookmark it and come back often, and of course the easiest way to stay up to date is to subscribe via email or RSS.

…and We’re Back!

As many of you have noticed, I’ve taken a hiatus from posting here on MCT. Well, my thesis is done, I have an MA in hand, and I’m going to start cracking again on bringing more theory and practicality to the masses.

Is there a specific topic you’d like to hear about? Let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to work it into the content schedule.

MCT Store is up and running!

So the Store has launched! And we have a ton of products for you to chose from… and I’m lying. I only have one shirt up there right now. Although it is superawesome… you can check out the Mass Comm Theory store here. I’ve decided to add Ts and other fun Mass Comm geekery as I publish the various new pages, etc. So right now I’m in catch-up mode. And on that note I offer you Agenda Setting Theory: Agenda Setting T-Shirt

So keep an eye out for more in the near future, I’m currently slaving over a massive post on Cultivation Theory which should be up in the next week.

Thanks and keep on… mass communicating…? That doesn’t sound quite right… Let’s go with kicking ass.

Mass Comm Theory – Back and Going

Hey all, I apologize for my long hiatus from writing for the blog, thesis work is crushing and takes up a ton of time and what doesn’t is usually spent on trying to finish Crackdown 2 (yes I’m way behind on my current Xbox games). So, moving forward I’ll keep writing posts on here covering mass comm theory but I’m also planning on starting pages that will function as a comprehensive resource for said theory.

So in the coming months you’ll see a little shift in editorial direction, but mostly you’ll only see the addition of pages covering each theory more in-depth! Thanks all, and as always please email me with any questions at gsdavie at mail dot usf dot edu (written like that to keep the spam bots from picking it up).